• Crypto Doggy are 10,000 unique and animated Doggy NFT, cryptographically generated using a series of different characteristics like Dog types, color scheme, eye blinking, and tongue stretch or accessories including glasses, scarf & hat.
  • Each characteristic has a certain probability of occurrence, making some characteristics rarer than others, thus making some type of dogs very difficult to get.
  • The Doggy NFT can only be purchased with $Doggy in Bakeryswap.org Gamification tab (The Doggy Shop) for 100,000 $DOGGY, or from another holder at the NFT Marketplace (as a secondary market, where the price is decided by the owner). The NFT marketplace will only support $DOGGY payment.
  • All the 100,000 $DOGGY spent in the Doggy Shop will be burned. $DOGGY has a total supply of 5 billion coins.Besides the collectible value of rare Doggy NFT, holders of the NFT can also benefit from staking benefits.
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